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There are cultures that believe mid-life is the time when a person threads all her life experiences together, and moves into the stage of wisdom sharing. I have found this to be true.

I bring to you my collective knowledge and guidance as a Registered Nurse, Clinical Nutritionist, former certified childbirth educator, specialized infertility nurse, and my joyful experience of raising two healthy sons with my husband of 30 years.

My mission is to:

  • offer hope and trust in your body’s inherent ability to heal
  • provide practical and proven methods to improve your reproductive health
  • offer current, researched advice that is personalized to your needs
  • facilitate your ability to make your own perfect choices
  • support the life-long health of your children
  • listen with care and compassion
  • be an example of a life lived that is healthy, balanced and purposeful
Professional Experience

Rosalind Haney, R.N., A.C.N., LLC, Austin, Texas
Registered Nurse, Applied Clinical Nutritionist
Fertility guidance through health and nutrition, 2006-present

Dr. E. Richard Parker, Austin, Texas
Pre and post-surgical care, nutrition for healthy skin and longevity, 2000-2010

Texas Fertility Center, Austin, Texas
Clinical treatment, education, and counseling to infertile couples, 1996 - 1999

Baton Rouge Parent Child Association, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
BRPCA Certified Childbirth Educator, 1980s


Applied Clinical Nutrition Certification – ACN
Clinical Nutrition Certification Board – CCN
St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas – BA Applied Science, Psychology minor
Austin Community College, Austin, Texas – Registered Nurse

Continuing Education

Nourishing Traditions: Challenging Politically Correct Nutrition, Sally Fallon - 2010
Nourishing Foods Nutrition and Cooking Workshop, Amanda Love - 2010
Balancing Male Steroid Hormones, Dr. Janet Lang, ACN - 2009
Balancing Thyroid, Adrenals & Blood Sugar Naturally, Dr. Janet Lang, ACN - 2009
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia, ACN - 2009
The Essentials of Nutritional Therapy and Secrets to Organ & Gland Therapy, ACN - 2009
The Role of Clinical Nutrition in Pre & Post Traumatic Care, IAACN - 2008
Clinical Application & Advanced Principles: Balancing Hormones in Cycling Women, Dr. Janet Lang, ACN - 2008
Balancing Female Hormones Naturally: Essential Physiology & Principles, Dr. Janet Lang, ACN - 2008
The Doctor of the Future - Survey of our Medical System, ACN - 2008
Drug-Induced Nutritional Deficiencies, AIFM - 2008
Heavy Metals and Their Impact on Our Internal or Biological Terrain, AIFM - 2008
Optimum Immunity, AIFM - 2008
Incorporating Clinical Nutrition in the Medical Therapy of Chronic Disease Syndromes, IAACN - 2009
Bio-Identical Restoration Therapy, People's Pharmacy - 2007
Irritable Bowel Syndrome; An Integrated Approach, AIFM - 2007
Allergy and Autoimmune Disease, AIFM - 2007
The Children’s Environmental Health Institute Symposium - 2006
Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage, Texas Healing Arts Institute - 2006
Standard Days Method of Fertility Awareness – 2006
Endocrine Physiology of Healthy Glands & Hormones, IAACN – 2005
Functional Medicine, Zymogen – 2005
Toxic Exposure and Hormone Disruptors, D.L.Berkson - 2004
Therapon Skin Health & Techniques – 2002
The Future of Skin Care, SPSSCS – 2001
Counseling Skills & Techniques, St. Edwards University – 2000
Women’s Health and Stress Management, MED 2000, Inc - 1998
Therapeutic Touch, Krieger/Kunz Method – 1997
Reproductive Medicine and the ARTs -1997
Insights Into Infertility, Serono - 1997
Assisted Reproductive Technologies, AORN - 1996


Member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Recipient of 1996 Austin Community College Presidential Student Award

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